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What happens when you need insurance to cover damages caused by an auto accident or to protect your home and business from theft or accidents?

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Our insurance agents can answer your insurance-related questions about the following insurance types.

Auto Liability vs Physical Damage Insurance

Many Pennsylvania drivers aren't aware of the differences between liability and comprehensive auto insurance.

The primary difference between liability and comprehensive insurance is that comprehensive insurance can cover vehicle repair, replacement, and other non-collision-related perils like theft or vandalism.

Talk to your insurance agent to learn more about the differences between comprehensive, collision, and liability auto insurance.

Homeowners Insurance

Pennsylvania's homeowners get homeowners insurance to cover the physical structure of their homes and the valuable contents inside the property.

Replacing the physical structure of your home or its contents can feel almost impossible without an adequate homeowner's policy.

Home-based Business Insurance

Own a home-based business in Pennsylvania? More business owners, gig workers, and entrepreneurs are choosing to operate home-based businesses instead of working traditional nine-to-fives.

Talk to a licensed insurance agent at Bethlehem Truck LLC to learn how to protect your small, medium, or large home-based business with insurance.

Occupational Insurance

Occupational insurance is a form of worker's compensation insurance that helps protect employers and employees when unexpected accidents happen.

This work-related insurance can help employees cover the cost of medical care, lost wages, and other accident-related expenses that would normally be impossible to cover.

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