Worker's Compensation Insurance in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Workers Compensation Insurance Basics

Worker's compensation is a special kind of insurance. It protects employees and business owners from unexpected accidents like slips and falls, ankle sprains, injuries from falling objects, or injuries while driving a company vehicle.

An adequate workers' compensation insurance policy can save employees and business owners thousands of dollars in out-of-pocket expenses resulting from a workplace injury.

Who Needs Worker's Compensation Insurance?

If you're a Pennsylvania business owner with employees, you may need worker's compensation insurance to protect you and your employees in a mishap.

Worker's Compensation insurance is typically required for businesses that have employees. It helps to protect the employee and the company in cases where an employee has an accident on the job that results in extended time off, lost wages, and medical expenses.

What Does Worker's Compensation Insurance Typically Cover in Pennsylvania?

Bethlehem, PA business owners who invest in worker's compensation insurance can talk to a licensed and experienced insurance agent to learn more about available insurance protections for local business owners.

A valid worker's compensation insurance policy may cover some or all of the following perils.

  • Medical Expenses: Avoid having you (or your injured employee) cover the out-of-pocket medical expenses for an injury when you have an adequate policy.
  • Lost Wages: Serious work-related accidents can leave some employees temporarily or permanently unable to work. Work comp insurance policies can replace a portion of lost wages.
  • Disability Benefits: Insurance can provide temporary or permanent disability benefits When workers are rendered unable to work after an accident.

Worker's Compensation Insurance - Bethlehem, PA

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